TMJ physiology

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The mandible is in a physiological rest position (RP):

In this rest position, the electromyographic activity of the upper lateral pterygoid (inserted on the disc and on the neck of the mandibular condyle is important.

The elevator muscles are:

      • temporal: predominance of anterior fibers

      • the medial pterygoid muscles

      • the superficial masseter muscles, medium and deep

To cover all mandibular movements represented by the triagramme of Posselt and and a complete condylar triaxiogramme THE VIDEO reproduces the four cycles of the mandibular movement

        1. Open - close

        2. Propulsion - retro-pulsion

        3. Left-sided - propulsion - right sided

        4. Left-sided - opening - right sided

        5. Full Posselt in 3-D

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