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Cranio-Facial-Universe.com : Origins

Philippe HARB

Philippe HARB, Doctor in dental surgery and qualified specialist in orthopedics-dento-facial Doctor Philippe HARB's Journey

Welcome to the website Cranio-Facial-Universe.com, developed and entirely produced and realized by Dr. Philippe Harb, in association with the faculty of odontology of Lille II.

Dr. Philippe Harb is an Orthodontist in the Lille area, Spécialist Qualified in Orthopaedics Orthodontic DentoFacial, but also in the correction of the dysfunctions of the Manducator Device; "pain of the jaws, headaches ...".

Dr. Philippe Harb has initiated a vast project since 1988: The Three-dimensional Mandibular Concept, which has evolved towards Morpho-Functional Mandibular Rehabilitation and then definitively towards "Morpho-Functional CranioFacial Rehabilitation".

Using the 3D animation and the skills acquired during his studies, combined with his experience in the field of orthodontics, Philippe Harb has developed new techniques for the diagnosis, care and treatment of DAM : The Morpho-Functional CranioFacial Rehabilitation..

Beyond the didactic aspect, Philippe Harb wanted to make his knowledge accessible to all. Its aim is to put its skills and experience at your service so that you, orthodontist, dentist, can appreciate its innovative methods and apply them in your professional field.

Doctor Philippe Harb is appreciated for his extreme availability and his taste for well-done work. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and discoveries to make maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics more modern, focused on new technologies and quality.

Doctor Philippe Harb proposes to you to explore his work and to appreciate its numerous discoveries through a collection of didactic videos in self-service, in renting or with the purchase.

Explore through the Real-time 3D Software

3D Temps Réel Exemple d'utilisation du logiciel 3D Temps Réel

Coming soon : Enter the cranio-facial complex thanks to the real-time 3D software and navigate freely through space to observe the anatomy, the dynamic, the physiology, the adaptation and pathologies…
This unique software regroups:

  • The morpho-functional model is composed of five entities and a harmonious manducation. The FIVE entities that compose the cranio-face : skeletal structure, dental structure, ligamentary-disc structure, neuromuscular system and general posture (bones and muscles).

  • The FOUR manducatory conditions : « Centered » Functional Relation, Posselt diagramm, Open-Close, Functional Occlusion, Functional Mastication.

  • The morphologic, functional, adaptative or pathologic Diagnostic of syndromes classified based on the definition of the morpho-dysfunctional model : minors adaptatives, major adaptatives or pathologics of the Dysfunction of the Manducatory Apparatus. The cephalometry, hinges axes, clinic marks.

  • The orthodontic, chirurgical and prosthetic treatments.

More about 3D Educational Video content

Deepen your knowledge thanks to 3D animated videos analyzed and commented in details that cover all the following subjects : anatomy, physiology, pathologies, diagnostic improvement and treatments. Developped by a team of doctors and developpers directed by the Doctor Philippe Harb, this content is aimed at pactitioners, students and anyone who desire to discover new methods regrouped in the RCFMF concept.

  • Anatomy

    A reminder of the importance of bone structures, muscles and their insertions lies in the understanding of the mandibular position

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  • Phisiology

    The knowledge of physiology or the operation of the manducatory system, refering to « Normal » to preserve, reproduce and to which compare the « Abnormal »

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  • Pathology

    Assimilate the pathologie and all its aspects : how to define it, learn its etiology and etiopathogenesis

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  • Diagnosis

    Discover the different positive and differential diagnoses, as well as pronostics for which clinical and cephalometry are essential.

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