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3D Temps Réel

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Exemple d'utilisation du logiciel 3D Temps Réel

Praticienne présentant à une patiente la
projection du traitement sur sa pathologie

Enter the cranio-facial complex thanks to the real-time 3D software and navigate freely through space to observe the anatomy, the dynamic, the physiology, the adaptation and pathologies…
This unique software regroups:

  • The morpho-functional model is composed of five entities and a harmonious manducation. The FIVE entities that compose the cranio-face : skeletal structure, dental structure, ligamentary-disc structure, neuromuscular system and general posture (bones and muscles).

  • The FOUR manducatory conditions : « Centered » Functional Relation, Posselt diagramm, Open-Close, Functional Occlusion, Functional Mastication.

  • The morphologic, functional, adaptative or pathologic Diagnostic of syndromes classified based on the definition of the morpho-dysfunctional model : minors adaptatives, major adaptatives or pathologics of the Dysfunction of the Manducatory Apparatus. The cephalometry, hinges axes, clinic marks.

  • The orthodontic, chirurgical and prosthetic treatments.