Presentation of mandibular indicators

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Video commentary excerpt

This synthesis involves the analysis of norma lateralis and norma frontalis and axialis radiographs to study the symmetry or not of the craniofacial structures, We use the name of plans when it is tridimensional for the study of the symmetry, it is necessary, on the norma frontalis and the norma axialis, to perform the cranial analysis, maxillary analysis, mandibular analysis and finally the dental analysis.

The symmetry of each of the structures will be considered on its own mid-sagittal plane called the plane of symmetry. Then the position of each of the structures will be studied in relation to the other.

Given the interdependence between the general posture and that of the mandible, the appearance of the general median sagittal plane is in yellow

Indeed, it is around and on both sides of the overall symmetry plan where embryologically the structures organize and develop.


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