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We begin with the "critical" study of cliché, duplication of basic structures of the skull, mandibular and dental reflecting the basal and positional asymmetry clinically proven and very slight roll of spurious movement.

Nicolas D., 40 years old, consults for joint disorders with a history of postural and occlusal anomalies.

The structural study highlights the frontal and maxillary sphenoid sinus hypertrophy, that we shall see later, and some structural signs of posterior maxillary and mandibular rotations

The architectural analysis includes the study of skeletal bases, growth forecasts, then the alveolodental study and finally that of esthetics and aero pharyngeal intersection.

Note that in adults, the predicted values ​​are used to confirm the patient's structural typology.

Note that the points, lines and plans of the skull are green, maxillary are blue and mandibular are red

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