DAM Articular Pathology: reducible left dislocation

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Video commentary excerpt

The movement of the opening is performed with:

       • In the anterior, the inferior labial frenum is shifted left relative to the superior

       • At the start of this opening at the condylar the axis hinges are still dysfunctional.

       • The points corresponding to the PR and IOM at the condylar remain confused as we are in pure condylar rotation, this translates into a                   vertical displacement at the incisive level

       • By discal luxation the mandible deviates to the left, on the affected side until recovery of the disk from the left condyle

       • The axe hinges become functional again, parallel, until the POM where the two discs cap the condylar heads and the labial frenum                         coincide with each other and with the PSM


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