DAM Articular Pathology: irreducible left dislocation

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Video commentary excerpt

In IOM, in the pure rotational condylar space, by the dislocation of the left disc, the axe hinges of the three-dimensional displacements (ACO displaced) are red, shifted upward and backward with respect to those originally green (ACO).

In the enlarged view of the right condyle; the displaced ACO are red and shifted downward and forward.

     "In the diagnosis and treatment, the hinge axis starting points seem essential"

So at the beginning of the condylar opening movement, the horizontal bi-condylar displacement hinge axis is red, and performs a pure rotation.

In this space of pure rotation the shift is minimal but the effect on the dysfunction observed clinically is very important, in fact, in this example the disc is forward and inward but it mostly produces a compression of the retro-condylar left area. Simultaneously the axe hinges of the vertical and sagittal displacement separate to form an opening angle relative to their original counterparts...

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