DAM Adaptive Minor: Asymmetric Mdb

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Video commentary excerpt

... from the side you can see duplication of the corpus and ramus due to mandibular asymmetry.


       • the movement is made by the anterior guidance, the free edge of the lower incisor slides on the palatal surface of the upper incisor, from                 end to end, there is posterior dysclusion

       • the anterior guidance by the upper incisor slope is closely related to the condylar inclination of the temporal


       • the disc moves forwards, always interposed between the tops of the temporal and mandibular condyles

       • release takes place almost without pure rotation, by the rotary-linear combination the movement is continuous until maximum propulsion

       • the condylar triaxiogrammes of the propulsion are purple curves

       • the routes of propulsion are superimposed on those of the opening (in light blue) for the posterior third of the movement, then they pass                   just above, but slightly shorter than the opening route



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