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Symphisis axis

« Mandibular biometry in norma axialis Proposal for analysis and architectural diagram »

Clinical and 3D cephalometric requirements

Position, Orientation, 3x2D Dimension, Making of a DVD in 2009.
The Cone Beam : real 3D
The Future: Scanner and RMI Dynamics.

Need to summarize :
Pedagogical value

Daily practice

Orthopedics, surgery, prostheses and/or dentistry, posturology.
Question ? Would we all be dysfunctional?

Pathological Masticatory System Disorders


Reason : Pain linked to slamming predominant in right, as well as in left. Masseteric region pain left.

Anamnesis: General posture problems. Multi-splint treatment at 12 years old, compensatory for type II. She anxiously "pushes" her jaw towards point left for relief. Sleeps with her jaw "fallen" on her right.


- OVERVIEW: Suspicion of a retromandibular position predominant on right linked to discal luxation.
- PROFILE : convex, type II, head in extension.

Several difficulties :

She complicated diagnosis and treatment.

More questioning:

Diagnostic problem

Open-Close in "OIM". Usual diagnostic:: - For "profile" cl I, II, III.III. overview (Central inter-incisive deviation..)

Morphological diagnostic:
- Skeletal Classes
- Dento alveolar types: SS, SV, ST - Neuro-muscular …

Position Diagnostic:
- False according to OIM ;
“as if the jaw was fixed”
- Responsible structure / functions hiddden !

Usual diagnostic

Dynamic diagnostic : - False according to dental bite
- Differential seldom achieved: FAM / DAM
- Pathology based on the time of"clic" !

The dental world ...

... and beyond

Clinical : Interpret, imagine...

To visualize and see through is to understand.

The Present and th Future

We are witnessing spectacular mechanical and technological advances in the field of dentistry.

From the CFU 3D model, we propose the following:

- VOD or face-to-face training
- Research : Simulations by sensors for individualized articulators, dynamic scanners, ...
- Conceptualization: RMMF

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